Diverse Marketing and Sales Channels

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With the rise in online sales, online social media and analytical tools for monitoring sales and visitor behaviour on websites, marketing and sales have become significantly more complex. Today, that means that in addition to the classical sales channels, there are a large number of possible online marketing, advertising, and sales channels, as well as a wide selection of associated software tools available.

Innovation in services, combined with collaborative business models and the digital economy, bring major changes also in marketing and sales channels. This means that a company can decide between the traditional and/or digital marketing and sales channels and between the traditional and/or innovative collaborative business models when selling its products and services. A wide range of options for using different marketing and sales channels requires from a company regular monitoring of trends and knowledge of using contemporary marketing and sales channels as well as business models and tools.

There are more options of our services offered to manufacturers and suppliers of products, developers of ICT-based solutions and to providers of other services, among others:

  • presentation of your product and/or service with a photo/audio/video gallery;
  • development of the landing page;
  • eMail/eNews dissemination of your offer to carefully selected target groups;
  • blog’s articles writing available on our blog as well as in other media based on your preferences;
  • information dissemination via various social media based on your preferences;
  • translation services;
  • and many other related services.

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