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The basic objectives of the platform are to:

Due to a perceived need for integration of different sectors, fields of activities, experts and investors, WOTRA began to develop an international platform called »CollaboVentures«. The purpose of the platform is to connect different sectors, fields of activities, processes, national and foreign experts, individual talents, investors and others so that businesses can take advantage of market opportunities or compete in one or more markets.

  • increase the international visibility of the platform and its members, acquire members and partners from other countries, thereby opening up international markets and opportunities for everyone involved;
  • develop international marketing and sales channels;
  • promote partnerships and collaborative business models between members and partners of the platform both in company, product and service’s development stage as well as in sales of products and services;
  • provide membership benefits offering services, products and tools developed by WOTRA or by CollaboVentures partners and members.

For more information visit the CollaboVentures platform or contact us.