In this world all things, plants and living creatures vibrate with its own frequency or wavelength, influence each other and accept and give energy and information. We are connected to nature much more and deeper than we imagine, or sometimes we want. We must be aware that also information participate directly or indirectly, and they affect our well-being and overall process performance in our body.

Breath of the Universum is a music work, harmony of seven sounds of the human voice and the sounds of the natural environment, combined in a new symphony of nature. The time duration of the recorded music is 24 minutes and 30 seconds (24:30).

As a tenor and a therapeutic singer,  I am exploring with my collaborators the human voice since 2000. We are interested in how to affect the proper functioning of the programme, which regulates vital processes in the human body. Studies have shown that the human voice very well affect the energy centers of the body (chakras). This is not surprising, because in India, the homeland of yoga and knowledge about chakras, great yoga masters say that in addition to the seven major chakras over ten other important and responsible energy centres also exist for the proper functioning of the organs and processes in our body.

For me as a singer and a specialist in informatics the human body is the most beautiful instrument. However, for a full music experience should be the sound of the guitar, piano, violin or cello tuned. This applies equally, if not more so, for the human body. This can be done even with the sound of the human voice.

Dear friends, people suffering from one or another health problem that can be solved in a hundred possible ways, and our method is just one of the possible solutions to improve your state. If you give it enough attention, time, effort and confidence, it would certainly have a beneficial effect on the change of your state.

The results are very good and excellent, acknowledgments of satisfied customers are kept in our archives. Some of testimonials from our customers are also published on our website voice4balance.