About Us

[addthis tool=”addthis_inline_share_toolbox”]   WOTRA Universe is a globally oriented company performing a wide range of services for the private and public sectors as well as for business support organisations. WOTRA Universe’s activities can be classified in several main groups of services, among which are services connected with the:

  • internationalisation of businesses or providing help to companies when entering foreign markets;
  • introduction of innovative collaborative and other business models and looking for strategic and other partners in all developmental phases of the company or an individual product and/or service and in all business situations;
  • establishment and management of business networks and other types of business collaboration and partnerships (clusters, strategic alliances, sales and distribution networks, consortiums, clubs, associations, cooperatives…);
  • obtaining of funds for innovative projects either from European and other grants or from private resources;
  • development of business support ecosystems and regional or local economic development services;
  • world promotion, marketing and sales;
  • development of ICT, information, knowledge and intelligence-based services and tools for all the above mentioned domains;
  • monitoring of future trends for all the above mentioned domains.

A typical feature of all the above-mentioned main groups of activities is that we take a comprehensive approach to them. This means that our offer of these services includes training and mentoring, legal advice, marketing, the development of new business models and tools, the identification and/or initiation of the development of suitable new IT solutions, research, publishing, etc. We cooperate with companies and individuals who supplement and enrich our range of services. Our clients are companies and creative individuals, chambers of commerce, local and regional business centres and others. We have clients and partners from Slovenia, Belgium, Croatia, Romania, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia and other countries.